Need a hotel room?

The Tempe Mission Palms is sold out of rooms for our dates. Since no one procrastinated and everyone got their room early that should not be a problem for anyone. ;/

What’s that you say? You did not reserve your room and are in a scramble to find something?

Try these establishments close by.

  • Marriott Courtyard – 480-966-2800, is on Ash and 5th ,  800-321-2211
  • Otherwise Residence Inn is due to open Sept. 26th, 510 S Forest Ave, Tempe · (480) 967-2300 and 800- 331-3131, Downtown at Forest (there is another Tempe Residence a little further away as well)


5 thoughts on “Need a hotel room?

  1. Brad Touesnard

    I have a room booked with two Queens at the Tempe Mission Palms and it’s just myself at the moment. I’m willing to share if someone needs a bed. Email me at

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