Additional Speakers

We want to introduce you to our 2 additional scheduled speakers for PRESSNOMICS.

Aubrey Sabala is the Vice President of Marketing at Sailthru. Previously, she helped lead Facebook’s Consumer Marketing team and held various roles at Google, Digg, AOL and Booz Allen Hamilton. When she’s not trying to get everyone to use “Log In” correctly as a verb, you can find her at a local concert, on the ski slopes, taking (or teaching!) a Pilates class, missing her favorite restaurants in San Francisco and waking up far too early on the weekends.

Darin Swanson (@darinrs) is the director of New Relic’s A-team agent engineers who produce monitoring and diagnostic tools for production Java, Ruby, PHP, Python and .NET applications. In his free time he will be out running the roads and trails of whatever corner of the world he happens to currently be in.

PRESSNOMICS is 72 days away.

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