PRESSNOMICS live social stream. #pressnomics

Hey all attendees and those that are interested. I spent the last 2 evenings whipping up this page that will stream in live updates from the blog, twitter, foursquare and flickr.

So tweet, take some photos and add to this flickr group, checkin when you arrive, and comment on the live blog posts throughout the day and sit back and watch it all stream in.

Curious how it works? It polls the services every so often, saves the results to memcached, builds an array of all items and sorts on timestamp and renders out the page. Every few seconds it runs the process again and prepends new items to the top. The memcached TTL is different for each service and staggered so the hope is to avoid all services being polled at once and slowing down the page load. We also cache the whole page in Varnish, and purge it periodically to refresh the landing page for new visitors.  Not bad for a hack of a programmer like myself.

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