The big Why, and How to ‘do’ PressNomics. A note from an organizer.

So I had this crazy idea that there should be an event around WordPress where the content catered to the business owners. After doing the WordCamp thing for a couple years, as we evangelized Pagely, I began to notice the interesting (to me) conversations were the ones happening in the hallways between speakers (which tended to be the faces of commercial entities).

To me, there was way more value in the hallway conversations about talking shop and asking questions of other founders. WordCamps are amazing for learning WordPress, meeting new people, and strengthening the community. However, I want to learn more about the business side of it too and I think others do as well.

The concept of PressNomics is simple.

Set the agenda and get the business stakeholders in the same physical space. Bring in speakers that are willing to speak candidly and transparently in how they do business, mix in some sponsors to help pay the bills and some social time to breakdown the competitive barriers.

We can only lead a horse to water.

As an attendee you control the quality of your experience and what you extract from the time you spend at the event mixing with your peers.


  • Be present. Put away your laptop and put your phone in your pocket.
  • Use a pen and paper to take notes the old fashioned way, your brain absorbs the information better.
  • Engage, listen, and soak it in. People as smart or smarter than you, making as much or more in revenues are on stage sharing with you tips on leveling up your business.
  • Get out of your comfort zone and meet new people.
  • Have an open mind. What works for 1 may or may not work for you. But that fact it works should be proof of its merit.
  • Jump in and out of conversations freely. (This is a pro tip for meeting new people and learning as many new and interesting things as possible)
  • For all that is holy in the world; Relax. We as entrepreneurs wear our scars of stress as a badge of honor at times.  Have a cocktail, unwind a little bit and enjoy the time.
Sally has spent the last several months, not only being the most wonderful new mother imaginable to our young son but also obsessing over the details of this event to ensure you can all attend and have a good experience. So reward her efforts and do just that – Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “The big Why, and How to ‘do’ PressNomics. A note from an organizer.

  1. Many thanks to Sally (you to Joshua). As an attendee I have to say your execution has been flawless. Information has been perfectly laid out, presented in an creative manner, and timely.

    Very much looking forward to the event. Many thanks for all your work making this possible.

  2. Looking forward to a fantastic time with the awesome attendees and hosts!!

    Every one of the ‘Dos’ listed above is right on point! I especially like the “Engage, listen, and soak it in” statement.

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