Invitations en route

Current Status: Filling Envelopes

Last night on the #dradcast (watch it here) we talked about the PressNomics Experience. A central theme to the success of the event were the people.

Last year we sent out some invitations to specific people in the WordPress ecosystem formally requesting their attendance. While the event is open to all WordPress-centric business owners, we feel it is important to try to ensure specific people are in attendance: Those that are actively shaping and driving the Economy around WordPress.

Canada, the UK, Australia, Tasmania, Norway, India, and South Africa were all represented last year giving PressNomics an international feel. About 50 of invitations for this year are heading across the US and to the far corners of the world tomorrow after I pay a visit to the post office. Please check your postbox next week and consider attending.

We welcome all business owners in the WordPress ecosystem to attend PressNomics. Be sure to snag a ticket when they go on sale June 10th, 10am PST.


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