Welcome MOJO Marketplace as commercial sponsor for PressNomics.

The team at MOJO, based in Salt Lake City, recently announced they joined the EIG group. Their library of themes and plugins are now integrated in the hosting panels of HostGator and Bluehost. That is by definition: Winning. We would like to welcome then onboard as a commercial sponsor to PressNomics. I as I am sure all of you look forward to hearing their story.

MOJOMarketplaceMOJO Marketplace is the webs one-click marketplace for themes, plugins, installations and more. MOJO is fully integrated with the leading web hosting companies so that customers can browse, shop and installs easily with one-click. Our goal is to change the way people buy, sell and install the latest themes, plugins, and applications on the internet.
w: www.mojomarketplace.com | t: @mojomarketplace

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