Final Speakers, Schedule, and #hallwayconf

Here we are, just a couple weeks out from the PressNomics 3.

Introducing our final speakers:

Brad Jannenga built a 250+ person software company dominating the EMR space from humble beginnings writing the first lines of code at his kitchen table.

Yochay Kiriaty from Microsoft Azure will be walking us through business use cases for Azure.

Ben Chan of Envato will be sharing details around the Envato marketplace and the mountains of data they have access to.

JR Farr of MOJO Marketplace will give us an update on MOJO and shed some light on their business.

Sean Tierney, is a long time entrepreneur that has built bootstrapped and VC backed companies. A Marketing automation expert Sean will take us on a journey around his highs and lows in business.

Jeremy Tanner is the most interesting man in the world and will share with us his insight on starting and running a business. Tanner has co-organzied at least 3 dozen Startup Weekend’s and has seen everything.

Ted Lewis is a certified financial planner and will be providing us tips on how to manage our wealth, and plan for retirement.

The Schedule:

View here

screenshot1757What is #hallwayconf?

Just what it sounds like. So much of PressNomics is about the conversation’s between attendees. After the first 2 events we learned that getting people back into the room for speakers on friday afternoon is hard. More importantly we learned that people want to network and mingle A LOT. So this year the last 1.5 hours or so will just be for attendees to network and talk while the sun is still out.


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