Our interview with Alex King

It was my pleasure to know and learn from Alex. He was the first name I came across in the young WordPress community, the first person we asked to be interviewed on our blog, and the first person we asked to speak at the first PressNomics. He was legendary to many in our community. Alex Passed away after a fight with cancer 10 days after we filmed this video.

Alex King – Interview Sept. 2015

11 thoughts on “Our interview with Alex King

  1. What an inspiration! Great interview with Alex. The interviewer also did a great job with the flow and the opportunity to allow Alex to pass along insightful thoughts by capturing his words of wisdom. We are so glad that this moment was captured!
    The interview showed Alex and the impact he made on the business side, but also words to live by in life. We are so proud of Alex, his integrity, his passion, and how he motivated and inspired others by truly caring about not just the product, but the people. He encouraged growth by constantly working to build a strong team, both in the work place, and with family and friends. We are a better person because Alex was in our lives.

    1. Thank you Bob and Tina. There was a long, standing ovation at the event. Clearly showed the respect we all have for him and his contributions to our community.

  2. Thank you for the balance of respect and friendship in this interview. The deathbed is already hard to approach. The gift you gave him, gave us, to allow Alex the opportunity to share his heart and peace in not only leaving a legacy, but leaving a legacy with dignity.

    I’m a retired Army Officer and know respect when I see it.

    You did it well.

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