Schedule is now live.

The full schedule is now live. As a preview I wanted to share with all of you 2 special sessions we will be featuring this year at PressNomics. There are two business topics that are of particular interest to me which I know are of interest to many others in our ecosystem: Commercialization and Distributed teams.

On top of the amazing and talented speakers that will be doing solo talks at PressNomics, we will be featuring two ‘Conversations’ around the above topics. We have hand selected 6 folks to partake in these conversations, that will each be facilitated by 2 additional individuals. The aim here is to have a real and engaging dialog take place among the speakers (and the audience), driven by the facilitators. No holds barred.

Commercialization in the WordPress Ecosystem

Facilitator: Tony Perez
Participants: Carl Hancock, Cory Miller, Pippin Williamson

If you were at the first PressNomics you may remember Tony asking some pointed questions to Matt around commercializing plugins. I for one was left a bit unsatisfied by the answers and would have loved to hear more discussion on this topic. So here it is, a full hour with Tony, Carl, Cory, and Pippin to go into depth on the many facets of monetizing WordPress.

Leading Without Seeing: Managing Distributed Teams

Facilitator: Shane Pearlman
Participants: Jake Goldman,Tom Willmot, Stuart West

The traditional workplace is changing. Distributed teams are more commonplace than ever before. In many tech startups remote workers have become the defacto norm. It is all smiles and roses right? Well.. Yahoo! found it was not working and called all their employees back to the office and caught all sorts of blowback from it, but also recently reported huge gains in employee productivity after the change. So we are going to explore the how and why, the wins and pitfalls of managing a remote workforce.


These two discussions should be very interesting as we explore these topics in depth that most if not all of us are affected by.

See you all soon, we’re about 2 weeks away.


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