Formidable Forms and Pressnomics: A Story of Opportunity

Below is a guest post from one of our event sponsors, enjoy.

The team at Formidable Forms is gearing up for another great year at Pressnomics. Last year we attended Pressnomics as the last community-level sponsor. We’re thrilled to be back this time around as a Level 3 Sponsor, still planning to attend as many sessions as possible.

Pressnomics is all about inspiring new and existing businesses to succeed by paving the way for new opportunities and relationships. Pressnomics has been the most valuable conference we’ve ever attended, surpassing exponentially what we spent in the registration cost. That’s why Formidable Forms decided to sponsor Pressnomics this year: because we love WordPress, we love business, and we love meeting the amazing entrepreneurs who will be in attendance.

Following Pressnomics 3, we had a clearer idea of what we want our company to be, and—just as importantly—what we don’t want it to be. Others at the conference had ideas and insights that, when implemented, directly increased our conversion rates, our install base, and our customer satisfaction. Session after session left us eager to move forward with the new insights we gained.

Now, one year later, Formidable Forms is more robust than ever. We have a clearer understanding of who we are and what we have to offer the WordPress community. Behind Formidable Forms is an amazing team of individuals who pour their hearts and souls into continually providing the best product and the best support.

This didn’t all happen overnight. Strategy11, the company behind Formidable Forms, started much like many other WordPress-based companies around today: with one client at a time. While working with our clients we found common needs without readily available solutions. We wrote a bit of code to address some of those common needs (mostly to make our job easier!) As more and more clients benefited, a bigger need appeared that we knew we could fill. Little by little—or quite literally, line by line of code—Formidable Forms was born.

In the beginning, we never expected our little plugin to have over 200,000 active installs. We never expected it to provide solely for our family and the families of others. We never expected other developers to build their businesses and livelihoods around our product. But here we are, six years after launch: still learning, still growing, still figuring out innovative ways to address those common needs. Most notably, we are building and strengthening relationships. We love to see our product help others succeed, and we reinforce that success continually with our customer support. Formidable Forms wouldn’t be where it is without solid customer relationships.


Our success has been the result of this passion for seeing others succeed. Behind that passion has been a ton of hard work, a little luck, the support of amazing mentors, the willingness to take risks, and the determination to seize the opportunities that present themselves. Opportunities abound at Pressnomics. We invite you to connect with us this year as we all explore the opportunities to cultivate our passions and our businesses.

Stephen Wells – Formidable Forms Co-Founder

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