The Cost Of Neglecting Site Security & Speed

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Don’t Take Security Lightly!

With so many priorities that we have to juggle on a daily basis, an unfortunate reality is that site security is something many of us neglect. Site security can be a lot like insurance. It only becomes a concern when something disastrous happens. The reality is that something disastrous happens to the over 30,000 websites that are hacked each day.

For smaller sites, automated solutions to fix hacked sites start at around $200. Those prices obviously rapidly increase based on the size of the site and the severity of the damage inflicted about the hack. There’s also damage control with Google and more importantly the site’s visitors that need to be taken care of. Shouldn’t you do something to help prevent your site from getting hacked?

Something many WordPress users turn to in hopes of keeping their sites safe is to load their sites down with plugins. Unfortunately some of these plugins will develop their own vulnerabilities if they are not updated on a consistent basis. Even worse is the fact that many users do not uninstall their plugins that they are not currently using. This is another security concern.

A Slow Site Costs!

Adding all of those plugins can also cause an additional issue with your site; slowing it down! While having an insecure site could end up costing you money, a slow site is definitely costing you money.

We know that Google looks at site speed as a ranking factor, but what is the actual cost of a slow loading site? According to a Kissmetrics study, a 1-second page delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. That’s $25,000/ year for a site that makes $1000/day. That doesn’t even take into account the impact slow sites have on visitor satisfaction and bounce rates. These numbers make site speed a real concern.

Your All-In-One WordPress Speed & Security Solution
At A2 Hosting, we understand you just don’t have a ton of time to optimize your site for speed and security. That’s why we’ve have created our very own WordPress plugin called A2 Optimized to take care of it all for you. A2 Optimized was developed by our team after they tested a number of configurations. They determined the one with the best speed and security settings. A2 Optimized has taken the guesswork out of how to get the best performance while helping to keep your site safe.

A2 Optimized WordPress from A2 Hosting offers you a more flexible and affordable Managed WordPress Hosting.

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