Our interview with Alex King

It was my pleasure to know and learn from Alex. He was the first name I came across in the young WordPress community, the first person we asked to be interviewed on our blog, and the first person we asked to speak at the first PressNomics. He was legendary to many in our community. Alex Passed away after a fight with cancer 10 days after we filmed this video.

Alex King – Interview Sept. 2015

What if.. By Cory Miller

Below is a guest post from one of our sponsors, AND speaker Cory Miller. Enjoy.

What If Next Week at PressNomics 4 …

maxresdefaultAt the first two PressNomics, I recently confessed to Josh and Sally, I had left each time somewhat down in spirit and extremely anxious.

My problem was simple: I got wrapped up in things I shouldn’t have, particularly jealousy and envy seeing so many younger, more talented, more energetic people entering the WP scene.

But last year, I was determined to make my experience better.

And I’m happy to say I had an amazing time and came home refreshed, energized and looking forward to next year (which is this year).

If you haven’t noticed, PressNomics 4 is NEXT week … and I’m excited, again.

And I wanted to share a couple of thoughts about how we can make it so much better for each other.

Here are four things that made the difference for me:

  1. I packed, prepared and came with a positive attitude — I said to myself, “I am going to have a good time this year, dangit, in fact, I’m going to have an epic time, and I’m going to leave excited!”
  2. I sought to spend time with quality people — deepening existing friendships as well as making new ones. By far the most memorable experience was walking in late and a moment after Josh had told everyone to go out the door I was standing next to to get your free hoodie.
  3. I sought to connect and introduce good people to each other — by far some of my favorite times were seeing friends make friends with each other. Several times when I would meet someone I would ask them what they were wanting to get out of PN and they would say, “To meet [insert someone’s name]” and if I knew them, I could go introduce them.
  4. I told jealousy and anxiety to take a vacation for a couple of days — Meaning, I sought to keep my focus on what matters most to me, to remind myself that I’m striving for my own definition of success and happiness, and to simply be happy for others in the pursuit of their own versions of that.

As a result, PressNomics is NOW so much than a conference or our annual industry event to me. It definitely is not just a couple of days in beautiful Tempe, although every year I fall more in love with the area.

It’s also not PrideNomics either. If you’re coming to show off, I just don’t think you’ll enjoy it much. The great thing about PN is that we all have awesome stuff going on.

PN is our time to “collaborate, learn and relax.” It’s our set aside time, with no other distractions (mostly) to just be around each other.

But I think it is even more and want to make the most of what PN is and can be.

I believe we have an opportunity to truly become a vibrant, authentic community that celebrates and encourages each other, every year at PN … AND throughout the year.

SO … WHAT IF … this year, 2016, for PressNomics 4, we took the next step, a big step from hanging out at a conference to being a real, vibrant, authentic community?


  • We took one step in the direction of authenticity and were a little more honest about our struggles, pains, obstacles as well as successes?
  • We stop pretending everything was perfect, and got to the marrow of life as WP entrepreneurs?
  • We first sought to celebrate each other’s successes and encouraged each other with our struggles?
  • We let our guard down just enough to gauge and pursue authentic relationships with each other?
  • We asked these questions of each other, “What are you most thankful for?” and “How are YOU doing?”
  • We posed another question: “How has WordPress changed your life?”
  • We purposefully talked and made plans on how to keep the conversations going between PN’s?

AND, perhaps most important, at a bare minimum, what if we agreed NO ONE eats alone (breakfast, lunch and dinner)?

So how about it …. What if we made 2016 the year to compare all years to … and that the end of PN4 it only marks the beginning of the next level of our tribe?

P.S. — And finally, really, this is the end …. what if we got a headstart on all of this and started talking via the Post Status #pressnomics Slack channel? (And if you’re not a PS member, you join PS today!)


Formidable Forms and Pressnomics: A Story of Opportunity

Below is a guest post from one of our event sponsors, enjoy.

The team at Formidable Forms is gearing up for another great year at Pressnomics. Last year we attended Pressnomics as the last community-level sponsor. We’re thrilled to be back this time around as a Level 3 Sponsor, still planning to attend as many sessions as possible.

Pressnomics is all about inspiring new and existing businesses to succeed by paving the way for new opportunities and relationships. Pressnomics has been the most valuable conference we’ve ever attended, surpassing exponentially what we spent in the registration cost. That’s why Formidable Forms decided to sponsor Pressnomics this year: because we love WordPress, we love business, and we love meeting the amazing entrepreneurs who will be in attendance.

Following Pressnomics 3, we had a clearer idea of what we want our company to be, and—just as importantly—what we don’t want it to be. Others at the conference had ideas and insights that, when implemented, directly increased our conversion rates, our install base, and our customer satisfaction. Session after session left us eager to move forward with the new insights we gained.

Now, one year later, Formidable Forms is more robust than ever. We have a clearer understanding of who we are and what we have to offer the WordPress community. Behind Formidable Forms is an amazing team of individuals who pour their hearts and souls into continually providing the best product and the best support.

This didn’t all happen overnight. Strategy11, the company behind Formidable Forms, started much like many other WordPress-based companies around today: with one client at a time. While working with our clients we found common needs without readily available solutions. We wrote a bit of code to address some of those common needs (mostly to make our job easier!) As more and more clients benefited, a bigger need appeared that we knew we could fill. Little by little—or quite literally, line by line of code—Formidable Forms was born.

In the beginning, we never expected our little plugin to have over 200,000 active installs. We never expected it to provide solely for our family and the families of others. We never expected other developers to build their businesses and livelihoods around our product. But here we are, six years after launch: still learning, still growing, still figuring out innovative ways to address those common needs. Most notably, we are building and strengthening relationships. We love to see our product help others succeed, and we reinforce that success continually with our customer support. Formidable Forms wouldn’t be where it is without solid customer relationships.


Our success has been the result of this passion for seeing others succeed. Behind that passion has been a ton of hard work, a little luck, the support of amazing mentors, the willingness to take risks, and the determination to seize the opportunities that present themselves. Opportunities abound at Pressnomics. We invite you to connect with us this year as we all explore the opportunities to cultivate our passions and our businesses.

Stephen Wells – Formidable Forms Co-Founder

The Cost Of Neglecting Site Security & Speed

Below is a guest post by one of our event sponsors, enjoy.

Don’t Take Security Lightly!

With so many priorities that we have to juggle on a daily basis, an unfortunate reality is that site security is something many of us neglect. Site security can be a lot like insurance. It only becomes a concern when something disastrous happens. The reality is that something disastrous happens to the over 30,000 websites that are hacked each day.

For smaller sites, automated solutions to fix hacked sites start at around $200. Those prices obviously rapidly increase based on the size of the site and the severity of the damage inflicted about the hack. There’s also damage control with Google and more importantly the site’s visitors that need to be taken care of. Shouldn’t you do something to help prevent your site from getting hacked?

Something many WordPress users turn to in hopes of keeping their sites safe is to load their sites down with plugins. Unfortunately some of these plugins will develop their own vulnerabilities if they are not updated on a consistent basis. Even worse is the fact that many users do not uninstall their plugins that they are not currently using. This is another security concern.

A Slow Site Costs!

Adding all of those plugins can also cause an additional issue with your site; slowing it down! While having an insecure site could end up costing you money, a slow site is definitely costing you money.

We know that Google looks at site speed as a ranking factor, but what is the actual cost of a slow loading site? According to a Kissmetrics study, a 1-second page delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. That’s $25,000/ year for a site that makes $1000/day. That doesn’t even take into account the impact slow sites have on visitor satisfaction and bounce rates. These numbers make site speed a real concern.

Your All-In-One WordPress Speed & Security Solution
At A2 Hosting, we understand you just don’t have a ton of time to optimize your site for speed and security. That’s why we’ve have created our very own WordPress plugin called A2 Optimized to take care of it all for you. A2 Optimized was developed by our team after they tested a number of configurations. They determined the one with the best speed and security settings. A2 Optimized has taken the guesswork out of how to get the best performance while helping to keep your site safe.

A2 Optimized WordPress from A2 Hosting offers you a more flexible and affordable Managed WordPress Hosting.

Schedule Change, Welcome the Cronkite of WP News

Small schedule change. Brian Krogsgard, the Cronkite of WP News is filling in for Carl Hancock. Carl will hopefully still be able to join us at PN4 as there is a heap of Gravity Forms swag en route.

There is a chance that I may not be able to attend due to personal reasons and I’d rather not hold up a speaking slot at such a great event.  Knowing that, I don’t want PressNomics having to scramble the week of the event to fill the slot. 

VayuoUbSBrian will be filling in, and within our community he needs no introduction. But I’ll give him one anyways. Quickly rising to become the most respected source of WordPress Industry News, Brian writes at and dives deep into issues concerning our ecosystem. I fully expect a few strawmen to go up in flames during his talk.


WP All Export

This post has been supplied by one of our amazing event sponsors. Enjoy.

Easy WordPress Exports with WP All Export

Around 8 months ago we launched WP All Export with the goal of making a customized WordPress export as easy as possible. You can set up a WordPress CSV export in minutes with a simple drag and drop interface. Setting up a WordPress XML export is just as easy – simply drag the elements into whatever order you need them to be in.


WP All Export is fully compatible with WooCommerce. A WooCommerce product export can be configured in a few clicks, allowing you to easily edit the data in Excel, and then re-import with WP All Import. Making a WooCommerce order export is just as simple, so creating customized sales reports is no longer a headache.

Just like WP All Import, WP All Export will run your export in small chunks, piece by piece. This means you can export WordPress users, even tens of thousands of them, on small underpowered shared hosts without a problem.

We’d love for you to give WP All Export a try and tell us what you think:

Final speakers and schedule

PressNomics is 1 month away. The event is shaping up nicely and we look forward to seeing all of you.



Please help us welcome

  • Brian Kuhn, VP of Product at MediaTemple (sponsor)
  • Heidi Jannenga Co-Founder of WebPT
  • Pippin Williamson of Easy Digital Downloads who needs no introduction
  • Matt Medeiros of SlocumStudio and the Mattreport podcast.
  • James Giroux of Envato will be replacing Ben Chan in the lineup.

The Schedule

The schedule has been posted for the daytime conference and evening+weekend social events. This year the non-golf event will be a trip to the Desert Botanical Gardens (lunch included).

Thank you sponsors


Tickets nearly sold out, new speakers, and Parties x 3

Welcome to 2016!

Which means PressNomics 4 is only 2 months away. Here is your latest update.

Get your tickets. Hurry.

As of this writing there are < 10 tickets remaining. Get yours now.

More great speakers.



Please help us welcome:

  • Ben Chan of Envato (Sponsor)
  • Pat Sullivan, a veteran entrepreneur and CEO of Ryver who will share the scars and glory gained building your empire.
  • Tracy Levesque of Yikes Inc will share with us her thoughts on workplace diversity and culture.

The Trifecta of Parties.

Due to the generous help of our sponsors we are able to add a 3rd reception to the event.

  • Wednesday Evening 3/02 – GravityFormsMediaTemple welcome you with an opening reception.
  • Thursday Evening 3/03 – GravityFormsSucuri will help us network.
  • Friday Evening 3/04 – GravityFormsEnvato will close us out in style.

Hope everyone’s 2016 is starting off well. Remember to book your travel/rooms now!

Jeff Walters and Japh Thomson to speak at PN4

Today we announce 2 additional speakers.


Jeff Walters is a long time colleague of mine that has advised me on any number of business topics. A successful entrepreneur and Partner at True North Companies, Jeff will walk us through the Prviate Equity funding process.

Japh Thomson to most in the WordPress Community needs no introduction. Super talented developer at HumanMade and all around nice guy, Japh will discuss various communication styles and how to reach the positive outcome, even in a heated conversation.

Everyone be sure to book rooms as they are almost gone. Enjoy your holiday break.